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Weekly Update – 29-02-2016

Sorry for the lack of update last week, I’ve been really busy! With what? Well…

Progress Report

Chapter 2 is 100% inked and is sitting awaiting scanning. This process will take me a week which means the final chapter will be ready for the 18th March, with it coming out a few days early for the Patreon supporters. Inking has taken up a huuuuuge chunk of my time this past week, with each page taking around an hour to get done. I blame all the black T_T

I am proud of what I’ve got so far though 🙂

Movies and stuff

Still no idea when I’ll be getting back into writing out proper reviews for movies but I can give a brief summary of the last two I watched;

Grimsby (AKA The Brothers Grimsby) – Crass, homophobic and hateful, this will likely be on my worst of for the year. A movie that does nothing but insult it’s audience and try to one-up it’s own tasteless extremes with each passing scene. Skip it.

Hail Ceaser! – Boy, this sure was a Coen Brothers movie. The trailers are lying about the actual plot, but what we get is a fun meander through the lives of some silly but enjoyable characters. A goofy little love letter to classic Hollywood and worth a watch.

That’s all I have this week (seriously, so much inking T_T), I’ll be back next week where I will be trapped in the mind of someone’s great uncle and erased from all existence.

Peace out,