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Weekly Update – 14/3/2016

Hey guys, hope you’ve all been well!

Here’s the weekly progress report!

Chapter 2

…is all finished and available for all $3+ Patrons to read, and will be up on the site on Friday! I’m happy with how the chapter came out, and I think the reinvention of the introductions of David, Sunflower and Pippa came out very nice indeed. I also think people will be surprised by where I’m going with it this time around 😉

I’m also blown away by how many names I’ve had to add to the credit list – you guys rock.

Chapter 3

I have a large pile of promotional artwork, fan art and an art contest entry to work on so don’t expect any updates on Chapter 3 just yet. I can, however, inform you that Chapter 3 has a release date set for 29th April. I can also confirm that, as of this date, there will likely be no chapter in May, due to a planned visit by my fiancee. Nothing set in stone yet, but though it was polite to keep you informed.

Promotional Art + Fan Art

If you follow my dA you’ve sene the promo art of Samuel, Pippa, David, Sunflower, Argus, Horseshoe, Michael, Alice, Luke, Lexxie, Tan, Chat, Sayuri and Warren I’ve posted, and I’m happy to say you will see at least three more pieces like that before I move onto something else. I also plan some Celebi and Jirachi fan art as well as something for Easter 🙂


All I’ve seen recently was Kung Fu Panda 3, which is a solid third entry to a fun franchise. If you liked the first three, it’s more of the same silly goodness.

That’s all, see you next week when I fall down a rabbit hole, drink strange drinks, eat strange food and argue with a hookah smoking caterpillar.