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Top Ten Worst Movies of 2015

As we reach the end of 2015, it’s time to look back at the films that I saw this year, and decide what was the best and what was the worst. I decided to go with worst first because I want to start the new year with positivity rather than dwelling on the bad of the previous year.

2015 was the first year where I saw enough movies to make what I feel is a pretty comprehensive list, but there was a lot I didn’t see. My own tastes lean towards genre pieces and when you can only see one movie a week, I tended to go with what I thought would meet my own tastes.

So there’s no Fifty Shades of Grey or anything like that on this list. Sorry ‘bout that.

I’m also going by the UK release dates as that was when I could personally see them. So you might see a few movies here that haven’t come out in the States yet, or came out in 2014.

Also worth noting that these are my personal picks, and my criteria for what makes a bad movie may be different from yours. If you like any of these movies then that’s fantastic and I’d love to hear why you did, but I did not.

That said, let’s dive into my worst movies of 2015.

10. Jurassic World

This one is low on the list because I completely understand why people like this movie. It has new ideas that could have been interesting. The park is now open but people are getting bored, so the investors create a new dinosaur that goes on a rampage. Fantastic. Shame the script is absolutely awful. A messy plot with bland characters completely ruins the fun for me, but I admit, seeing a T-rex and a velociraptor team up to fight a genetic super dinosaur, was pretty sweet.




9. Seventh Son


Anyone else actually see this movie? Containing a baffling performance from Jeff Bridges and a bland performance from Ben Barnes, Seventh Son is a middle of the road fantasy premise executed poorly. The whole thing feels like a TV movie that somehow ended up on the big screen and the CGI is some of the worst I saw all year. A forgettable mess.





8. Jupiter Ascending


This confused mess is starting to gain a cult following due to it’s ‘so bad it’s good’ nature, but no one can deny it’s a bad movie. Jupiter Ascending is steeped in faux-epic dialogue and a plot that seems to think it’s got enough material to tell a long Star Wars-esque story, but in fact has barely enough plot to hold up it’s own bloated running time.





7. Home


deserves credit for having an African-American female lead, and that’s it. The jokes are obvious, the plotting messy and the absolute worst offender here is the soundtrack. The soundtrack has been completely replaced with music from Rhianna, leading to several sequences where characters and mood don’t fit the audio we’re hearing. Proof that one good point doesn’t make a classic.





6. Terminator: Genysis


The fifth entry of a franchise that was struggling for ideas two movies in, and this one is the laziest. A mix of a ‘greatest hits’ retelling of the first two movies, mixed in with an attempt at world-building that’s head-scratching at best. The fact that Arnold Schwarznegger is the best actor in the entire thing does not help either.





5. Spectre


If you didn’t know Daniel Craig was bored of playing Bond then Spectre will make damn sure you do. Spectre takes good ideas and wastes them entirely with a lazy script and a disinterested lead actor. Playing out more like a straight-faced episode of Archer than a serious entry in this franchise, Spectre was the first time I’ve seen the Bond-imitators blow the real thing out of the water completely.






4. Legend


On the face of it, Legend is more of a bland movie than anything. Despite it’s title and advertising, it never plays up the extremes of the Krays like you’d expect, but what gets it so high on the list is it’s utter disrespect for the victims of Krays. The way that movie handles the death of Frances Shea is jaw-dropping in it’s horridness. Completely tone-deaf and historically inaccurate, Legend deserves nothing but contempt.






3. Kill Your Friends


An ugly movie that attempts to mimic the feel of The Wolf of Wall Street but instead makes us spend it’s running time with a completely unlikeable sleazeball. Horrid act after horrid act is committed, all in the name of getting a job that the audience has no real idea or investment in. The entire thing plays out like a particularly gruesome episode of Murder Most Foul and is to be avoided at all costs.





2. Fantastic Four


The desperation to make superheroes ‘serious’ comes to it’s absolute nadir in this trainwreck of a movie. The behind-the-scenes drama explains only half of why this movie is a failure, but the other half is the creator’s attempts to take the goofiest of superheroes and make them ‘gritty’, which falls flat on it’s face thanks to a terrible, ham-fisted script. Give Marvel it’s toys back Fox.






1. Pan


An absolute monument to ineptitude, Pan does every single thing wrong. The script is wrong, the pacing is wrong, the editing is wrong, the music is wrong, every single thing you can imagine is just wrong. From beginning to end, Pan completely fails to anything other than invite slack-jawed amazement at how bad it actually is. Easily the worst movie I saw this year and researching how and why it all happened has only made it more fascinating.






Thanks for reading, those were my top ten worst movies of 2015. Looking over the list, it looks like 2015 was a year where a lot of franchises tried to start up but failed miserably. Given 2016 looks to having a lot more franchises starting up or continuing, hopefully they’ll have learnt from the mistakes of 2015.

As I said, this is my personal list so I am super interested to see what the worst movies you guys saw this year were? Hell, did you like some of the movies on my list? If so, why? Loved to know!

So enjoy yourselves this evening, and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for the Best Movies of 2015.