September 1, 2015 // 2 Comments

The Return!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and joy that I can announce that I am officially back from hiatus.

And boy has a lot happened.

Last I posted ohn the site, I decided to take a hiatus as I had started to fall out of love with working on Gravston. I decided to take two months off from working on it to decompress. Anyone who knows me at all will not be shocked in the slightest to hear that I lasted all of about a month before I started doing bits and pieces here and there as the spark was slowly ignited once more.

Needless to say, I am very much enthusiastic about working on Gravston, with a few things in the pipeline, but with one primary change. One that you may have noticed by the fact that Chapter 36 has appeared on this website in full, rather than just the first page.

What’s up with that?

New Update Schedule

While I was on my hiatus, something I did was get really into reading Blue Exorcist again. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it as it is the best shonen manga out that at the moment (second best is My Hero Academia for the record) and eventually I decided to see if there was a legal way to read the latest chapters. There is and it’s Viz’s shonen jump app which I also recommend.

Reading those chapters month to month got me thinking about how I update. I post page to page because well… that’s how webcomics are posted. Which makes sense in some ways (hits and all that) but it’s an update method born from gag comics, not story comics. I wondered if I was reading these manga page by page every day, if I’d enjoy them as much. I feel like a chapter needs to be experienced in one piece and allow to sit with you.

Also I’d always worke don Gravston like it was released chapter to chapter so… why was I still updating page to page?

Purely habit and my big take away was that my dream for Gravston is and always has been one thing – monthly updates.

Now given I work a 9-5 job… that’s not a realistic goal right now. I need to build up a buffer first. As such for now Gravston will be released bi-monthly. I understand this is a pretty big change but I hope you guys support it. I think it’ll be more awesome in the long run!

As such, Chapter 37 will be released on November 1st! Thanks for your support guys, you’ve been great.

Site Updates

But wait, there’s more!

You may have noticed a few little additions to the site. We now have a little about section and a surprisingly comprehensive characters section. The latter contains information on forty characters and I threw a few tid bits here and there in for fun. Like people have asked me what Tan’s first name is and… well… go look in the cast section.

I also changed the comments so that they are now powered by Disqus. I did this mostly to make it easier on you guys, so you don’t have to have a separate log in for my site. I also think they’re prettier OWO

I have also separated out blogs and fully intend on doing more writing. So keep an eye out for movie and anime reviews with the occasional think piece OWO

I am going to add some other features to the site at some point but I think I managed to snazzy the place up a little for now OWO

Patreon & other stuff

As you can see, I’ve put a link to my Patreon in the header. Not much to say on that other than that I’ve updated the tiers and rewards again, but that I will be updating Patreon with something every Monday. It can range from sketches to WIPs but there will be content on there. Sorry I’ve been so bad with it so far.

Some of you may also have noticed I am back to posting chapters on Tapastic. This is primarily because the biggest issue with that channel was it wasn’t compatible with me posting daily updates. Since that’s not a problem anymore, thought I’d go back, albeit only posting a chapter behind on that site. will still always have the latest chapters.

Also worth noting that you can follow me on various social network channels if you click the little icons in the top right corner. Instagram is probably the best one as I do post sketches on there from time to time but at the moment it is like 90% selfies and cat pictures.

Anyway I think that’s everything. I hope you enjoy a lot of the stuff I have planned and I hope the new chapter was worth the wait.

And yes, I am super sorry for leaving you guys on that final image for like… three months. Poor David O.O.

Peace out,