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The Gravston Report – 25/06/17

Cor blimey, been a while since I did one of these, eh?

Many of you may have been surprised when you looked at your inboxes and saw multiple replies from me to old comments. Sorry about that. What happened is as part of my writing for Chapter 13, I went back and reread every chapter, which I just found easier to do on the site rather than my computer.

Yeah, for some reason the picture viewer on my comp is borked and fiddly and blegh.

As I was doing so, I was surprised to see just how many comments I’d not replied to, and decided to fix that. First and foremost, I want to apologise for not responding right away. I can point to me reading comments on my phone a lot as one cause, or issues where if I reply to a comment through the admin page it seems to not actually post a comment, but ultimately I should’ve been on this sooner. If you guys take the time to comment, I should put the effort in to respond.

So sorry for the spam and from now on, I’ll respond to comments within 48 hours.

Many of you also pointed out typos and while I don’t have time to go through every single one. I have corrected a few issues I noticed from more recent chapters. I also noticed typos not picked up that I will fix at a later date. So you guys know, the following fixes have been made;

Chapter 9 – Page 14 15 – Fixed squash issue on the image.

Chapter 10 – Page 9 – Corrected ‘Too destroy’ to ‘To destroy’

Chapter 11 – Page 1 – Corrected font on third word bubble.

Chapter 11 – Page 1 – Corrected ‘Start’ to ‘Star’

Chapter 11 – Page 3 – Corrected ‘Wha the’ to ‘What the’

Chapter 11 – Page 6 – Added word Had to ‘Who a large’

Chapter 11 – Page 7 – Corrected “Save me” to “Saved me.”

Chapter 11 – Page 7 – Corrected ‘forvive’ to ‘forgive’

Chapter 11 Page 15 – Corrected “Woudl” to “Would”

Please do continue to post typos and I will try and correct them in batches as I’m working on chapters/storyboard, the usual.

That’s everything I’ve fixed up on the site today and I hope you all enjoy the new chapter as it comes out 🙂

Peace out,