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The Gravston Report – 21/08/16

Hello, hello, hello,

Let’s do this (semi) monthly run down of what’s going on, shall we?

Chapter 5

As you no doubt have already seen, Chapter 5 is now available to read! I hope you all enjoy it and if you’re wondering when the next chapter will be available, it’s planned for release on September 30th. 

The title? Chapter 6: The Twisted Maze.

Mysterious o.o


As requested, I have updated Tapastic to include every chapter of the original run of Gravston.

You can find it here –

Also, I have started updating Gravston’s new run on Tapastic with a one chapter delay (so currently they’re on Chapter 4), so if you prefer reading Gravston there, you can.

You can find it here –

That’s everything for this month,

Have a great week,