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The Gravston Report – 09/09/2018

Hello all!

To my surprise, it’s only been a month since my last update! I’m actually getting better at these. Let’s crack on with a few updates.

Chapter 1 Remake

Long story short, it’s not happening any time soon. Essentially as I was working on it, the project ended up ballooning in size and taking up more time than I really felt comfortable devoting to a remake chapter over new content. While I do strongly believe the new Chapter 1 is something that needs to be created, ultimately I also know that you guys want to read new content and I’m just as eager to create it.

So Chapter 1 remake will be something I work on between new chapters going forward. When will it be done? Can’t say for sure but I’m hoping early next year. The new Chapter 1 does not feature any story/plot points that will make future chapters confusing so don’t fret on that part.

Speaking of future chapters…

The New Release Schedule

Last time I committed to a release schedule and promised to do some kind of punishment if I failed to meet them. Well given I’m about to give you guys a new release schedule… I’ll put together something for you guys. Probably me eating/drinking something gross.


Anyway, things have gotten a little lax in terms of release so I’m cretaing a set monthly deadline.

Each month a new Chapter will be released on on the last day. So this month the new chapter will start on September 30th. The Patreon release will be a week earlier than this, in this case September 23rd.

I’ve honestly let myself slip into some bad habits, as such I’m gonna do my best to hit these deadlines. No silly promises of punishment games or anything like that, I’m just gonna ensure I hit these deadlines for the rest of the year.

Thank you for your patience, and see you all on September 30th for the next Chapter 🙂