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The Gravston Report – 04/07/16

Hello everyone and everything, with a new chapter of Gravston out, I think it’s about time I did a quick update on various things to let everyone know what’s goin’ on.

So let’s go!

Chapter 5 release date.

First and foremost, Chapter 4 is up FINALLY. Apologies for what turned out to be a way longer gap between these two chapters. Sometimes life gets in the way or I forget to plan around events. Luckily Chapter 5 will not be a long wait in the slightest. Chapter 5 is currently scheduled for August 19th. 

And as a teaser I’ll give you title.

Chapter 5: Fire in his Soul.

Looking forward to seeing the response to that one 😉

Patreon video

As part of an ongoing revamp/reapproach to my Patreon, I’ve put together a little video as per their guidelines. It honestly mostly serves a little introduction to both myself and Gravston itself, so if you have any friends you think might like Gravston, feel free to share it with them.

As per usual, if you’re interested, my Patreon can be found here.

And that’s everything for now!

Thanks again for reading and hope you all have a great week ^_^