January 30, 2016 // No Comments

Reboot begins on 8th February!

Hello one and all!

I am excited to tell you all that Chapter 1 of the Reboot is on it’s way!

Eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a few changes to the website, specifically the cast and about pages have been updated. I will also be updating the top banner at some point as well as sorting out the backlog of old chapters in time for the reboot.

Speaking of, I have set dates for the release of Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 will be released on Monday 8th February.

However, if you want to catch it early, there will be a way!

The Chapter is being released on Monday 1st February to Patreon for all $3+ Supporters, as per the rewards I’ve set up there. Feel free to check out the Patreon on the link below if you’re not already aware of it.

Lastly, today – Saturday 30th January – will be the last day the original chapters on the site. After today if you wish to read them, I will be keeping them archived over on Tapastic. So if you want to binge read them today in prep for the reboot, then this is your last chance!

Tomorrow I will be uploading a teaser image as a placeholder before the first chapter launches.

I am honestly so excited you guys, the chapter looks great and I think you’ll all love it.

Peace out,