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New Chapter, Next Chapter and Technology Hates Rogo

So quick story first of all.

I got in late on Friday night due to a work outing I was attending. I had fun but I was very aware that I needed to upload Chapter 3, so I put it up and collapsed into bed. I posted a few things to say I’d uploaded it and figured that was that. I could do more the next day.

I woke up on Saturday and looked at the website, and gasped in horror. The pages I’d uploaded were all squashed and nasty looking. I quickly re-exported the Chapter and uploaded new ones. I posted up the main updates and then set to posting stuff on dA and a version of this very blog post.

And then the Internet decided to play keep away with me. Every time I went to post on either dA or the site, the tba lost connection. Not my computer. Not my browser. Just the tabs that had the posts open. And only if I went to hit ‘publish’. After about twenty minutes I threw up my hands and gave up.

However, today it seems to be behaving so I can actually post something!

Praise our Internet overlords!

As you can all see, Chapter 3 is now on the website. It’s a fun chapter that re-introduces some old concepts and characters, whilst featuring a brand new baddie you’ve not seen before. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had drawing a fight in a while as well.

Work on Chapter 4 begins tomorrow, but unfortunately it wont be seeing a May release. I have two weeks in May that are a complete no-go for me working on the comic. For good reasons however, as my fiancée is visiting me from the states! Which is always fun! As a result, Chapter 4 will be getting released on the site on June 30th as that gives me plenty of time.

In the meantime I am trying to get back into the routine of posting content on social channels as much as possible. Probably gonna aim for a Mon/Weds/Fri routine on that. It’s also worth noting that Patreon $3+ supporters will get Chapter 4 as soon as it’s done, so if you’ve got the spare cash and are considering supporting the comic, I can promise it is definitely worth it.

So I’ll leave you guys to devour the latest chapter and let me know what you thought!

Peace out,