Meet the Cast

Meet the denizens of the small and strange English town that is Gravston!

Warning: May contain minor spoilers if you have not read up to date.

Main Cast

The heroes of our story! Well… maybe ‘heroes’ is a strong word.

Samuel Mortimer

SamuelHorror movie enthusiast and media student, Samuel is our protagonist and the embodiment of death itself. Known as the Death Host, Samuel can conjure a dark energy that he melds into a scythe that he uses to fight demons and other evil monsters. Searching for a mysterious man known as ‘Blood Freak’, Samuel is seeking answers the mysterious death of someone very close to him.




PippaA mysterious, silent girl that Samuel encounters and forms a strong connection with.






Michael Mortimer

MichaelSamuel’s little brother and child prodigy, Michael is the brains of the group. Naturally curious, Michael has agreed to help his brother in quest and acts as information gatherer and strategist. He’s also usually the first to chime in with a bit of dry sarcasm whenever it’s needed. That said, the nature of his tasks may take their tole as being the man in charge when dealing with life and death is a bit much for a thirteen year old to handle…



Sunflower Hendrix

SunflowerSunflower is the heart of the group and Samuel’s best friend since childhood. A normal human being, Sunflower is drawn into the world of magic and monsters more because of her devotion to her friends than anything else. As Samuel’s best friend, it is her duty to keep him grounded, which usually involves smacking him upside the head when he’s being stupid. Which is normally always.




David Baskerville

DavidSunflower’s boyfriend and part of Samuel’s social circle. David is the guitarist in a band and has some issues with Samuel and his way of doing things.







ArgusA strange boy who goes to Samuel’s school and has his nose constantly in a book. His grandmother runs the local library.







Samuel and his friends have made a lot of friends and allies in their adventures. Some of them starting as enemies, other as classmates, but all them are valued as comrades. Except maybe Max.


HorseshoeA mysterious talking cat who appeared to Samuel after his powers manifested. He acts as Samuel’s mentor and helps him locate demons that threaten humanity. He’s haughty and condescending but deep down seems to care about Samuel’s well-being. His true nature and abilities are shrouded in mystery. How trustworthy is he? Well that’s for you to decide…