Chapter 37 New Release Date – December 1st

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid for the third time I’m going to have to push the release date of Chapter 37 back. This time it will be coming out on December 1st.

I am sorry for the continued delays on this, and as such I do feel a more in-depth explanation than, “Life problems, BAI!!” As such, here’s a break-down of what’s been going on and why there’s been so many delays.

What’s been happening?

So after I posted up Chapter 36, I started work on Chapter 37, only for me to fly over to the states for two weeks to visit my fiancee. I had planned for this, but I had not planned for what came after. For the first week it was just a huge amount of jet-lag – dat 5 hour time difference – but this was nearly immediately followed up with a long bout of depression as a result of various different factors.

As the result of all this, I’ve had several days where I have come home, exhausted and not really able to work on what I want to. Add to this that we’re heading towards the Christmas season which means a lot of social and family commitments, and basically I am failing to find time to work on the comic outside of my days off.

Will this carry on?

No. Or at least, I hope not.

I’ve set out a realistic schedule for myself to get this done in time for the new release date, and I’ll be setting myself realistic goals for the coming year. My plan is to learn from what has gone on this year, and use it to grow and better myself for 2016. This includes getting myself back into social media and actually doing something worthwhile with my Patreon, which I fully admit, I haven’t used well this year.

What can we expect?

Chapter 37 will come out on December 1st, that is for certain. You can also expect to see more promotional and fun artwork from myself, as well as a lot more articles on the website. There will be more movie reviews (I saw Kill Your Friends this weekend but it was so blegh I decided to skip writing it up) as well as more on comics and manga. I’m tempted to post a few anime reviews in there too, as criticism is another passion of mine.

You can also expect me to, at some point, write an article with the following title;

The Top 10 Weirdest UK Number One Singles.

Because… well… you’ll see.

Beyond that, I make no promises and honestly hope to just surprise you guys with awesome content.

So look forward to getting this done and putting out Chapter 37.

I promise – it will be worth the wait.

Peace out,