October 27, 2015 // No Comments

Chapter 37 Further Delays – New Release Date November 23rd.

I can’t believe I have to push it back again but… here we are.

Due to personal reasons getting in the way of me working at the pace I’d prefer, Chapter 37 will now be pushed back to November 23rd. I am very sorry about this, I hate pushing it back just as much as you probably don’t like hearing I’ve pushed it back, but it’s the best decision to avoid me rushing out a badly done chapter.

For those curious, Chapter 37 is 60% done, I’m in the process of inking, but this is taking longer than I’d expected (so much black @.@). Needless to say, I’m going to be re-examining how I schedule after Chapter 37 as it fell apart pretty quickly, so I need a better, more workable schedule.

Can I just say that I hate what 2015 has done to my release schedule? But, ce la vie.

I’m also more than aware that my Patreon has gone quiet… again and I fully intend to get back into the habit of posting content there again starting next week.

In the mean time I will be posting blogs (don’t worry, they don’t distract from working on the comic) whenever I have something to talk about. I’m seeing Spectre this weekend so expect something on that, I’m also tempted to write something about the various anime and manga I’m following at the moment if anyone is interested.

Anyway, sorry for the further delays, here’s hoping I get my act together for 2016 XD

Peace out.