October 14, 2015 // No Comments

Chapter 37 Delay



Okay, I really didn’t want to do this right off the bat with the new release schedule, but I have to. I’m going to have to push the release of Chapter 37 back to December 8th. 

The reason for this is my own stupidity and poor planning. You see, if you know much about me or have been reading a long time, you’ll know my fiancee lives in the States. I don’t get to visit her often and this month I went out there for two weeks. Which were wonderful and amazing.

This isn’t really the issue – I’d planned for those two weeks off – but what I forgot was my good ol’ fan jetlag. I only gave myself two days to recover from it. Which was just laughable in retrospect.

As a result, I’ve lost about two weeks extra of work time – about a month – due to jetlag and just getting used to my new schedule at work as well.

So, really sorry to delay it a week, but unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way.


Thanks for your patience guys,