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Character Popularity Poll 2018

I am so happy to be doing one of these again! It’s time for the Gravston Character Popularity Poll 2018! This is the first one of these I’ve done since the reboot, so super interested to see how the results pan out. All you need to do is hop on over to Gravston’s Patreon page and choose your favourite from the list! Can’t see your favourite? Simply leave a comment and I’ll include them in the final results. Voting ends on March 31st with the results being announced in late April/early May. Have fun guys 🙂 

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The Gravston Report – 25/06/17

Cor blimey, been a while since I did one of these, eh? Many of you may have been surprised when you looked at your inboxes and saw multiple replies from me to old comments. Sorry about that. What happened is as part of my writing for Chapter 13, I went back and reread every chapter, which I just found easier to do on the site rather than my computer. Yeah, for some reason the picture viewer on my comp is borked and fiddly and blegh. As I was doing so, I was surprised to see just how many comments I’d Read more >>

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The Gravston Report – 21/08/16

Hello, hello, hello, Let’s do this (semi) monthly run down of what’s going on, shall we? Chapter 5 As you no doubt have already seen, Chapter 5 is now available to read! I hope you all enjoy it and if you’re wondering when the next chapter will be available, it’s planned for release on September 30th.  The title? Chapter 6: The Twisted Maze. Mysterious o.o Tapastic As requested, I have updated Tapastic to include every chapter of the original run of Gravston. You can find it here – Also, I have started updating Gravston’s new run on Tapastic with a one chapter Read more >>

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The Gravston Report – 04/07/16

Hello everyone and everything, with a new chapter of Gravston out, I think it’s about time I did a quick update on various things to let everyone know what’s goin’ on. So let’s go! Chapter 5 release date. First and foremost, Chapter 4 is up FINALLY. Apologies for what turned out to be a way longer gap between these two chapters. Sometimes life gets in the way or I forget to plan around events. Luckily Chapter 5 will not be a long wait in the slightest. Chapter 5 is currently scheduled for August 19th.  And as a teaser I’ll give you Read more >>

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New Chapter, Next Chapter and Technology Hates Rogo

So quick story first of all. I got in late on Friday night due to a work outing I was attending. I had fun but I was very aware that I needed to upload Chapter 3, so I put it up and collapsed into bed. I posted a few things to say I’d uploaded it and figured that was that. I could do more the next day. I woke up on Saturday and looked at the website, and gasped in horror. The pages I’d uploaded were all squashed and nasty looking. I quickly re-exported the Chapter and uploaded new ones. Read more >>