December 20, 2015 // 4 Comments

A Big Announcement

Hey guys,

I have a very big announcement to make regarding Gravston’s future, and it’s one that I know many will be upset with, but it’s been a long time coming.

I have decided that I will be restarting Gravston from the beginning.

No doubt there will be questions, so I’ll try to address what I know will be some of the big ones.

Why are you restarting?

I started writing Gravston when I was 22 years old. I was young, inexperienced and trying to juggle way too much at the time and trying to bend my vision of Gravston around to fit what I thought other people would enjoy. I grew out of this, but the mistakes and flaws in the story are still there, and no amount of back-writing and retconning can fix them.

There are plot points I have no idea what the pay off are too anymore due to poor planning when I started the series.

Gravston is my passion, my pet project, and 2015 was me slowly realising that I didn’t enjoy working on this version anymore. Sitting down to write Chapter 38 – a chapter meant bring together a lot of plot points – I realised I was trying to tie together a completely mess that was never going to come together, and that I missed a lot of opportunities for great story-telling by getting distracted by other things.

I realised that Gravston needed a reboot, need me to take what I’ve learned to create the Gravston I want to tell.

What about Chapter 38?

I know the timing is bad on this, but Chapter 38 will not be going ahead because of this reboot. I debated saving the reboot for after I finished this current arc, but I decided that I’d rather get to work on the reboot immediately, as it’s something I’m very passionate about.

What about the old chapters? Will you get rid of them entirely?

The old chapters will stay on the website up until I get to Chapter 2 of the reboot, at which point they will be removed from and placed on deviantart. They will still remain on Tapastic, however. I may see if there’s a way to archive them on the site in a way that won’t get in the way of the reboot. I’ll see what I can do, but either way, they won’t vanish entirely. I spent 5 years of my life on that story, I am still proud of it in a lot of ways.

Will this mean we have to wait another five years to catch up to where we are now?

No. A problem I have noticed in my own writing is that I tend to go off on tangents and drag things out more than I need. I’m being very strict with myself on this reboot and trying to tighten up everything to run smoother and paced faster. For example, I expect the current Chapter 20 – the end of the Warren Arc – to take place in the reboot in Chapter 12 (that’s the plan anyway.)

What will the release schedule be?

Chapter 1 will be replacing Chapter 38 for the February 1st release date. After that, a new chapter will be released the first Monday of every Month. I’ve already made  a schedule and this is very doable, especially as chapters will now be 25-30 pages long, rather than the 40-45 pages I was previously doing.

Will this just be the same story with new art?

Not exactly. It’ll be the same beats and characters, but the way the story is told, the details and even some of the designs will be different.

Will you go back to the original at all?

Never say never. I doubt it, but if I decide the reboot isn’t working, I may go back to it. No promises though.


Thank you to everyone who has supported and read Gravston through the 37 Chapters up until today. For all my concerns over how it’s gone, I have still loved seeing people’s reactions to the story, and am touched so many have kept with it over the years. I honestly can’t express enough how much it means to me, so I hope you’ll all stick around for this new iteration of the story.

If you have any more questions or comments, please do feel free to ask and let me know what you think. Like I said, 2015 has been a rough year and losing my love for working on Gravston has been the worst part of it for me. When I took my hiatus, I actually considered doing the reboot then and decided against it, but now I’ve started, I’m more excited than ever.

I’ll be posting sneak peeks and art work on Instagram and deviantArt, so please keep your eyes peeled.

I hope to see you all again on 1st February 2015.

Peace out!